About MAGNUS Interpreters

MAGNUS interpreters are better because:

We specialize in healthcare
Most language companies pursue a wide range of assignments. Interpreters who assist in a liability lawsuit in the morning may be expected to assist in a credit card balance inquiry or explain an angioplasty in the afternoon. At MAGNUS, we believe that being a healthcare focused language company enables our linguists to better serve your patients. In the healthcare setting, interpreting quality is critical to efficient patient interactions and care. And we invest in professional linguists, in addition to the latest technology devices, to ensure that your words are communicated correctly.

We employ only linguists based in North America
Where linguists live is important because it affects what they know. Many language companies cut costs by hiring interpreters based in other countries. One problem with this practice is enforcing HIPAA. Another is that many linguists outside of the U.S. really don’t understand how healthcare is practiced here. Is a SNF the same as a sniffle? Is ‘Part D’ a clearer way of saying ‘party’? Have they ever been inside a radiology center or received preventive care? Our linguists live here, work here and truly understand.

We continually test and train our linguists
Our interpreters are screened, tested and trained before they ever answer a client call. They are also retested on an ongoing basis to ensure they continue to perform at a high level. By placing a strong emphasis on re-testing, we are able to identify linguists who would benefit from additional training and our clients benefit from professional linguists who take their profession seriously.