Achieving Consistency: Using Glossaries Effectively

Very few translation clients use glossaries effectively. Why? It’s hard work to create and maintain a glossary and the value is not always apparent to those who create and maintain it.

It may not easy to manage glossaries but the benefits certainly exceed the costs. One of the key benefits, especially when working with low literacy populations, is consistency. By using terms consistently, readers are less likely to be confused by unfamiliar words. Confused clients cost more to service as they are more likely to either call to ask questions or be non-compliant. Glossaries can reduce the time it takes to translate materials and reduce overall translation costs as well. …read more >>>

Good Reviewers Help Ensure Great Translations

One of the biggest challenges many of our clients face is selecting reviewers. Choosing reviewers, like creating a translation, is less of a science and more of an art. We don’t know of any way to guarantee success but we have noticed some similarities among the reviewers we respect. …read more >>>

Do You Ever Feel Stuck In The Middle?

You’ve asked all the right questions and chosen an experienced language company. You’ve played it safe and asked a co-worker or physician to review their work and then Wham! Your reviewer complains of poor quality work and the translation company steadfastly stands behind their translation. Who should you believe? What do you do when you can’t read the document? …read more >>>